Online Media

As the digital world continues to evolve AMI concentrates on staying on top of the most recent developments.  We strategize and place these forms of interactive media:

  • Display ads (rich media, flash and static): fixed placements, site takeovers, retargeting, behavioral, contextual, social media
  • Keyword search sponsorship (PPC): Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Video:  pre-roll, in-banner videos, in-stream

Depending upon the situation, we interact with site publishers directly, with ad networks or with ad exchanges.  AMI works with third party ad servers such as DoubleClick, Atlas and Mediamind.

All online buys are optimized on a regular basis.

We feel it is essential to apply the principles of traditional media planning (such as reach, frequency, recall, wearout, frequency distribution and quintile analysis) to online media.

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